Dealing With Severe Bone Loss In Oregon City, OR? We Can Help You With That

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Dealing with severe bone loss in Oregon City, OR can be a challenging dental issue, but rest assured, there are effective solutions available to help patients overcome this concern. Severe bone loss often occurs due to factors like tooth loss, periodontal disease, or long-term edentulism (lack of teeth). When the jawbone loses density, it can […]

Should I Get Dental Implants After A Bone Grafting Procedure?

jawline skin being pulled back to show the underlying bone graft.

Dental implants are a popular treatment option for those who are missing teeth or are experiencing damaged or broken teeth that need repair. Dental implants in Oregon City, OR, are most successful when they are placed on a sturdy and solid jawbone. If a trained doctor determines that a person’s jawbone is not sturdy enough […]