In What Ways Can Implant Dentures In Oregon City, OR Be Right For Me?

an image of implant supported dentures.

For those who have missing teeth and want to restore their smile with a proven tooth replacement option, then they should get treated with implant dentures. There are numerous reasons why implant dentures in Oregon City, OR are right for patients. From giving them stable teeth, to restoring their jawbone density, people should improve their […]

Is It Time To Upgrade From Traditional Dentures? Implant Supported Dentures In Oregon City, OR Could Be The Right Solution!

a graphic image of implant supported dentures with the dental implants in the gum line and the abutments and denture placed on top.

When people no longer want to wear unstable and unreliable traditional dentures, then they should consider upgrading their smile to implant supported dentures in Oregon City, OR. Implant supported dentures use dental implants to support the denture so that the patient’s jawbone is stimulated, and their denture stays in place. Here is more on why […]

Will Implant Supported Dentures Give Me A More Stable Smile Than Traditional Dentures?

a digital model of a lower arch after an implant supported denture procedure.

Those who have missing teeth may turn to traditional dentures to replace them. While traditional dentures can be effective in restoring people’s ability to smile and speak with confidence, over time, they can become loose and cause them discomfort. This is because the jawbone is not being stimulated with traditional dentures. In order for people […]

Will My Smile Be Stable And Comfortable With Implant Supported Dentures?

an implant supported denture model all on four implant posts.

When people are looking for a reliable and permanent way to replace their damaged or missing teeth, then they should look no further than implant supported dentures in Oregon City, OR. Dental health is an important aspect of overall health, and implant supported dentures can play a major role in restoring the health of a […]

Why Should I Get Implant Supported Dentures In Oregon City, OR?

a dental implant patient smiling with a dentist.

For those who are looking to stabilize their dentures, they should consider getting treated with implant supported dentures in Oregon City, OR. This dental implant device allows patients the confidence to chew, speak, and smile without fear of their prosthetic teeth slipping among. But are implant supported dentures right for every patient? Here is why […]