Need To Know More About All-On-X Dental Implants In Oregon City, OR? This Is What They Are

Dr. Raleigh Pioch at Revolution Dental Implant Center.

When people are looking for a permanent solution to restore their smile and regain full dental functionality, then All-On-X dental implants in Oregon City, OR could be an excellent tooth replacement option for them. All-On-X dental implants are designed to give those with a full arch of missing teeth a long-lasting, natural-looking, and functional new […]

Who Needs IV Sedation In Oregon City, OR?

IV sedation in Oregon City, OR, is a form of sedation dentistry that administers anesthesia through an IV. With IV sedation, patients will have an anxiety-free and comfortable procedure experience. When people get treated with complex dental procedures, like dental implants and wisdom tooth removals, then they will want to get treated with IV sedation. […]

Will I Have An Anxiety-Free Dental Implant Procedure With IV Sedation In Oregon City, OR?

a dentist's hand setting up a dental IV bag for sedation.

Stressing out about an upcoming dental implant procedure? In order for people to have an anxiety-free dental implant procedure, they should be given IV sedation in Oregon City, OR before it begins. There are various reasons why people will have an anxiety-free dental implant procedure with IV sedation. Here are the reasons why people don’t […]

How Does Sedation Dentistry Benefit Me In Oregon City, OR?

a full mouth dental implant patient resting under sedation before a procedure.

Some people struggle to go to their necessary dental appointments because they are afraid of the dentist. That is understandable! A skilled dental office can help to alleviate patients’ dental anxiety with sedation dentistry in Oregon City, OR, to make sure they can get the dental treatments they deserve. Sedation dentistry is given to patients […]